自然灾害、人为灾害和技术灾害随时都可能发生. Having a Plan and an emergency disaster kit提高你的适应能力和应对灾难的能力.

无论情况是否要求就地避难或疏散, 制定应急计划和应急灾难包是确保你和你周围的人有适当的工具和资源并随时准备出发的有效方法.

应急管理司定期举办各种课程和培训, that provide attendees with the skills, resources, 以及适应和应对紧急情况的知识.     

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supplies needed for an emergency kit

Emergency Disaster Kit

应急救灾包是你的办公室或家庭在紧急情况下可能需要的基本物品的集合. You can have multiple kits to fit your needs. 确保它们在你的办公室、家里和车里都很容易找到.

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Evacuation and Shelter-in-Place Plan

有时你可能需要就地避难或撤离. 有计划的:有计划的或知道已有哪些计划的, at your work, school, and home is key to effective preparedness. Don't forget about pets and livestock!

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Communications Plan

It's easy to get separated from fellow students, co-workers at work, or family members at home, during an emergency or disaster. 这是确保所有人安全返回的最好办法, is through an effective communications plan.

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Unique Needs Plan

Disasters impact everyone differently. 建立一个包容性的计划需要一个全社区的心态. 生活在有通道或功能性需求的个体, 在灾难期间可能依赖额外的资源.

Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP)

If your school, department, 或者学校需要帮助开发或更新你的COOP, visit the COOP page for more information.

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